Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This explains about 99 of the 100 ways I've been busy lately. Claire was born June 15, 2009. I call her Peanut mostly. She's a good baby, but taking care of her is still a full time job. So far her tricks include smiling and sucking her fingers. It may be a while until she gets more clever than that. Below you can see that she got mom's family hair genes, and I'm making the most of it with a post-bath mohawk. I don't have a picture to show it, but Claire tends to be a quite surly when hungry. The apple fell very close to the tree on that one.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome. Thanks for coming.

My head is full and needs emptying. Blogging took a backseat for a while because life has been very busy and exciting; there will be more on that later. I'm making a fresh start with this but only to a point. I generally liked the content of wheeliebiscuit.blogspot.com so that stuff stays, but I did not like the name and url so that gets left behind. Circling Bits sounds fitting in many ways. Try not to think about what it means because it's mostly nonsense. Maybe there are bits of life that aren't particularly related but seem interesting as a singular bit. Those bits are circling in my head, or maybe it's the merry-go-round of life that doesn't really have a discrete end or beginning. And surely there is some relation to cycling. Whatever the case, things are anew. Thanks for coming.