Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liking the Traitor Crusade

Sometimes you discover a new bike-ish thing that is just what you been looking for. I'm feeling lucky lately.

I've been hoping someone would make a dedicated steel single speed cyclocross frame without those cheesy semi-horizontal dropouts with derailleur hangers... and downtube shifter bosses. I like a bike built to a single purpose rather than to many needs a la Cross Check. There are few or none out there in the steel single speed cx category. Could I have canti brakes and track ends please? Can I put an honest fat tire in there too? The current off-the-shelf options are either low quality or aluminum, no thanks. A custom could be anything you ask for, but that is a very expensive can of worms. The recent Kona Major One is ss - made of scandium. That's a step in the right direction, but I am holding out for steel. Think Gunnar Crosshairs with track ends or Rivendell Quickbeam with tighter geometry. I'm not the only one looking for this, right?
Now, finally I hear about the Traitor Crusade due out in early 2010. A good one-er cross bike, fat tires, canti's and just one cog. It's a committed single speeder. Bravo. Look at the tidy drop out situation, isn't that nice? Someone is paying attention to my wishes. My only complaint is that it has a carbon fork instead of a steel fork with a proper crown. I bet it rides nicely still. The mustard orange color is terrific, probably wears dirt well. Overall, I'm optimistic on this development since Traitor can make a decent bike. I'll be all ears for any news.


mike said...

looks pretty hot! like those drop outs too. i had a cc for a good while. ss / fg. a bit odd in the geometry and handling department, and fat wasn't really fat in the tire department. moved to a 29r setup. soma juice. yeah, it has a der hanger on the dropouts and enough braze ons to run cable for a small IT network... but it will take 2.4s if i want, fat studded tires for winter, and just about anything in between. good fun too!

Smiler Biker aka Oldgit said...

I have the same requirements for a frame that you had.
Though I've got to wait until late 2010 for the Crusade to hit British shores!

Jase - ride more bikes said...

An old post to be replying to, I know - are you still considering a Traitor Crusade?

The Luggernaut looks like a great frame too.

I'm not too concerned about racks at the moment, but that sort of bike with the right braze ons could make a great touring rig in a couple of years.

They say the Max Tire for the Crusade is a 35c, but I wonder how large it can really go?