Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wet Feet Season

We've had a few wet weeks here. I don't know what the recent rainfall totals are, but it must be some kind of record. Many of the low-lying areas are flooded. Modest rivers are frothy torrents or gigantic lakes now. Several roads are underwater.

Well, maybe things are starting to dry out a bit and the water is receding, slowly. Still, many favorite bikeways of mine are wet wet wet. Some are passable and others, like the Route 117 crossing of the Sudbury River shown above, are not. Here are a few more.

Monument Street in Concord crossing what I think is the Concord River. Passable. Notice the canoe pulled up to the back door of the house. Sort of cool, sort of scary.

Just across the road, the Old North Bridge goes into a lake now. Decidedly impassable.

Claybrook Road in Dover. This street sits very low along the river. I can't believe it isn't always flooded. Passable.

Mill Street adjacent the Charles River in Dover. Impassable. Looks calm now, but the white caps were breaking over the road another time when I passed it.

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