Monday, September 27, 2010


It's been a while since the last post. That's not for lack of interesting goings on, it's for lack of motivation to blog. So be it.

Yesterday I finally decided to explore some dirt roads in Concord that Brian wrote about earlier this year. Brian's route starts quite a few miles east of where I joined the route, but I decided to focus on the area just north of the Old North Bridge called Estabrook Woods. Estabrook Road continues up the hill from the bridge and eventually the pavement gives way to crushed stone, and that quickly gives way to a fire road. Oolala! The trail meanders along easily enough for my "road" bike on cyclocross tires. There are just a few spots that aren't easily rideable - that makes sense considering that it was a legitimate road many many years ago. I continued along hoping to pop out where Estabrook Road regains pavement and continues up toward route 225, but somewhere I took a wrong turn and back-tracked out. The wrong turn was valuable - I figured out where I should have turned, and I realized that there is more rideable trail in those woods that I initially thought. Perhaps I'll do some more exploring this fall. This network will surely go into my small library of local dirt riding and walking trails.

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