Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall riding

Just some nice images from a recent October ride.


ekr said...

Hi Steve, I have a question about your handlebar bag, what is your opinion on those turn latch closures on the two pockets facing the rider?
Is it easy to open and close with one hand while you are riding?
Can you close/open the bag with gloves or in the rain?

stevep33 said...

The turn latch closures are great; strongly preferred over a buckle style closure on a Berthoud. The latches are easy enough to open one handed with gloves. I usually keep my cell phone in one back pocket and some snack in the other, very easy to access while riding.

I really dig the Acorn bag, except that it is too tall for my bike because the top of the bag comes too close to the handlebars and my figures have little room to wrap around the flats of the h'bars. Otherwise the Acorn bag is a great design.