Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Less Bicycle

I sold a bike a today. The converted Motobecane Grand Record fixed-gear is gone by way of Craigslist. I think it found a good and appreciative home. That matters because it's a good bike and someone should ride and enjoy it. It was a 1980's lugged frame of Vitus tubing and a Reynolds 531 fork. There was some chrome detail too. A long while ago, I carefully cleaned it up, re-greased everything, added a few new bits and found it to be a fine fixed-gear, as quick and comfortable as could be. I did my first 100 miler on it. At any rate, a recent purchase motivated me to consider thinning the herd. My bikes numbered four; some say that's a lot, some say that's too few, but three feels about right to me. The appropriate number of bikes to own is a complex issue for another time. Anyway I decided to get rid of a bike that doesn't completely suit me anymore. The Motobecane was a terrific ride, but it was flawed in a way that I could not accept. It was French - meaning having odd French-sized parts. Replacement parts are almost impossible to find. The best shops couldn't even determine what the bolt spacing was on the chainrings, much less find a replacement ring. Keeping this one rolling was more about nursing old parts along rather than replacing worn out rings and things with more durable newer parts. This is something that can be done with considerable time and effort. Though my bikes get too much wear and tear to make that trade-off sustainable. So it goes, maybe I'll have to find another oldie but goodie to bring back to life.

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