Friday, April 4, 2008

A Thousand Words

There is little that is regrettable about going for a long bike ride. Riding just about anywhere and in any condition is better than not doing it at all. Though going unprepared is not a good thing. For example, every time I ride more than a few miles, I take along a small tool kit. A flat tire or a loose nut is no big deal with the right tool. To that list of must-haves I usually add the cellphone, wallet, waterbottle and lights.

Yesterday I was prepared as usual, and decided to go ride for a few hours because I got out of work early. I took the long way home first through Dover and then continued north through Wellesley and Bedford and looped around the air base before heading back to Brookline. Great ride!!! The road is fast in some spots and meanders in others, but the scenery is good almost everywhere. There are horses in Dover, a small damn and a pretty bridge in south Natick, airplanes in Bedford. When I finally stopped at Spy Pond in Arlington, I realized I forgot something...the camera. The sun was setting over the pond and it was literally picture perfect. Though you wouldn't know it because I don't have a picture. From now on, I'm going to add the camera to the list of must-haves because there is a lot to see and remember on a long ride. If what they say is true about a picture being worth a 1000 words, then having a camera will make things a lot easier. I'm about 250 words into this post, and I wouldn't want to have to write another 750.

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