Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bikes in Washington DC

I just returned from a short trip to Washington DC. It was mostly for work, and my bicycle didn't make the trip. I did however take a brief survey of cycling in the area. Perhaps it was the neighborhood I was in (just north of the national mall area) or the wide avenues not well suited to bicycle traffic, but I didn't see a whole lot of bicycles around. Nevertheless, the few sitings were remarkable.

The requisite urban tall bike. Rather than the typical double decker frame, this one opts for a piggy-back. It still makes no sense. Maybe it's helpful for keeping an eye on traffic.

It must be nice when your beater bike is an Independent Fabrications with snazziest parts around. Love the spoke cards.

Nice vintage step-through.

Pile of abstract bicycle wheels at the Hirshhorn Museum.


Dan S said...

Tall bikes are funny. I went to a film festival and they were showing a documentary about the tall bike culture in I think New York it was following a group called “Black Label” it was very interesting and I little crazy at times.

this isnt the movie that I saw but you will get the idea

stevep33 said...

Too crazy for words. It makes me want to learn how to weld or maybe go practice my bicycle hurling skills.