Monday, May 19, 2008

Panera Bike

I'm a self-proclaimed Panera-hater. Without fail, something really irritating happens each time I go into Panera Bread. Someone is really rude, or they screw up my order, or I try something new only to find that it is swimming in mayonnaise - there is really no end to the ways in which Panera can frustrate me. However, I always give them another chance once enough time has past since the last chapter of annoyance. The mini egg souffle is delicious, and Panera opens early enough for coffee during my walks with the dog. I'm really doing it to myself, but I still complain about it.

My office is full of pranksters. During my recent time away, they capitalized on the opportunity and gave me a dose of Panera whoknowswhattocallit. A bike I left in the office is now wrapped in Panera bags. Really pretty funny.

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