Monday, June 16, 2008

Apple Pi

Saturday was Apple Pi day. Mrs. Wheelie picked out the route from the library of Charles River Wheelmen cue sheets, and it was a good one. The Apple Pi ride begins in Bedford, meanders west and loops around clock-wise through hills, farms and apple orchards. I like the CRW routes - they make it easy. The collection of routes is searchable, all have nice cue sheets, many have maps, and most are well-marked on the roads. This one had white pi (π) symbols throughout which was good, because the cue sheet missed a mile (which is rare) not quite half way in and the π road blazes helped us stay on track. That said, the ride was still challenging with 2755ft of elevation over 52 miles. The middle part is the hilliest with moderate rollers that transition in a sequence of steady uphills starting with Wescott Rd in Harvard culminating 3 miles later at the turn onto Old Littleton Rd. There the road turns into a winding downhill run for the next 2.5 or 3 miles.

We also took two night breaks during the morning. The first was at the Idlewild Farm market in Acton for some ice-tea and a whoopi pie at a shady picnic table. The second was at Bumblebee Park (pictured above) in Littleton - we only sat on the stone wall eating, but there are tons of benevolent bees buzzing about the bushes.

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