Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elm Bank Reservation

The Biscuit and I explored in Elm Bank Reservation the other day. The park has a large horticultural garden, but the greater portion of the park is a woodland area having trails throughout with access to the Charles River. A local paper recently reported it as one of the better places around for dogs, and it is. We explored a good portion of the trails and found some ideal dog swimming spots. The Biscuit swam himself silly.

It turns out that the Elm Bank was hosting a vintage car show that day too. Even without having any established appreciation for old cars, I was very impressed. Cars of almost every type were on display. Everyone was having a good time, though some of the car owners looked a little stressed when people were getting too close to the lovingly restored treasures. The highlight of the show was 1937 Pierce Arrow; a very rare luxury car. I heard someone remark that it was the first of only six ever made. It was stunning with its the long arching lines and fancy chrome details. I put more pictures online. The Pierce owners were great, dog people of course.

I also enjoyed checking out an old Jeep convertible. The jeep was the perfect shade of yellow. It's interesting to see that not a whole lot has changed in concept over the years for Jeeps. I guess some things are right from the start.

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